Work with cross-functional teams to test prototypes. This happens before and during a procedure. Therefore, it is pertinent to check with your program upon enrolling or inquire with the licensing board in your state prior to starting your studies. Provide technical assistance to surgeons, surgical nurses, or anesthesiologists. lightbox: true Their job description entails assisting in ensuring that the operating room environment is safe, equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is performed under conditions that maximize patient safety. They also must work with a wide range of … Fifty percent of the exam focuses on peri-operative care followed by basic sciences, sterilization and administrative duties. He/she is fully trained and educated to partake in surgical procedures along with other members of the surgical team in a hospital. This includes creating the standards and schedules for such maintenance. Read on to learn more about the job duties, necessary skills, and employment outlook for … For instance, a surgical technologist may assist surgeons in carrying out intensive surgeries of various parts of the body. ces.src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? Prepare patients for surgery, including positioning patients on the operating table and covering them with sterile surgical drapes to prevent exposure. Analyze failure, corrective and preventive action to respond to customer complaints. Count sponges, needles, and instruments before and after operation. The job description of a surgical technologist can be varied and shall depend on the specializations that one has. The Surgical Technologist, or Operating Room Technician, is the person making sure conditions are just right for a smooth, flawless operation. A surgical technologist (also known as an operating room tech, scrub tech, or Surg tech) assists during an operation. Surgical technicians or technologists - sometimes called scrubs - make sure that surgical procedures in the operating room are handled efficiently and under sterile conditions. A surgical technologist may also work at a dental clinic or a specialized medical facility, not necessary at a hospital. A surgical technologist typically works forty hours a week. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Surgical Technologists. Prepare, care for, and dispose of tissue specimens taken for laboratory analysis. It does involve a lot of standing, and some people are more squeamish about blood than they realize. If you are considering a job in the surgical tech field, you will need to carry (or develop) several qualities. Do you have what it takes? var ces = document.createElement("script"); ces.type = "text/javascript"; ces.async = true; 29-2055.00. They prepare patients for surgical procedures, sterilize equipment, retrieve and hold surgical equipment for the surgeon and gather patient data such as vitals and age. Becoming a surgical technologist is no different. /*