Wool may seem like a good, warm choice for a dog coat, but it can irritate pups with sensitive skin. (I started off with 2 ½” and ended up cutting off ½”.). Waterproof dog coats are perfect for keeping your dog warm and clean - no more chasing after a muddy dog after a long walk! The one pictured is their Weatherbeeta 1200D parka with a belly wrap. Stitch in place. Sew the lining collar to the body but leave a gap of about 4” in the middle. Just place one of the pieces on your dog to see whether the neck allowance is enough or too much – check the amount of overlap for fastening at the neck. 5. Fold your outer fabric in half and place the top of the template on the fold. Waterproof Fleece Lined Dog Coat. Top 5 Best Fleece Dog Coats for Winter. Remember that one piece needs to be stitched on the outside, and one on the inside to ensure proper closure. Leash portal on back is compatible with most harnesses. document.write("" + linktext + "") The Derby Originals Medium Weight 150g Polyfil 600D Waterproof Ripstop Dog Coat is a super durable winter coat for your dog. Lined with a stylish, eye-catching and super-soft checked cotton inner, these waxed dog coats and wax dog jackets will keep your pampered pooch comfortable for the duration of its wear. If your harness opening is a different length, do the length plus 1” by 2 or 2 ½”. Step 1: Make the Pattern for Your Custom Dog Coat. If you have never had the chance to visit us in the Northeast, let me fill you in on a little secret known to all locals. Reflective trim and light loop for attaching The Beacon™ Safety Light. An outer layer of waterproof fabric (or fabric that can be made waterproof), and a warm layer for next to their fur. Each size is fully adjustable via the included Velcro straps, and all models feature a portal that provides access to your dog’s harness. Great prices and super easy to use website, see for yourself now. 4. Side height: Suitable Fabrics and Notions. Turn the coat right side out through the opening in the collar lining. For hiking, everyday in cold, clear weather, Climate Changer is quick-drying, breathable fleece and Fernie is quick-drying sweater knit fleece. (See diagram at left). Do the same with the waist closure piece. We have put together a 6 part Sewing Course which shows you, step by step, how to create some fabulous items that you can use as gifts, to decorate your home, or even sell to bring in some extra cash. Many are waterproof and several have large belly bands to keep that tender and exposed belly toasty. $30.99$30.99. When waterproof dog coats first arrived on the pet clothing scene, some people were quick to laugh and poo-poo the idea of dressing up your dog in a raincoat. Trace around the pattern and cut out the fabric. Powder Hound has synthetic insulation. by Clever Paws. Take a flexible measuring tape and curve it so that the distance from the top left corners is that amount. A dog coat is just the extra boost of warmth that we need to keep cozy on a cold winter day. From the makers of horse rugs Weatherbeeta Dog Coats provide marvellous protection from the elements. Chest circumference: The Weatherbeeta brand is well-known in the equestrian crowd as having some of the best blankets for horses available. We now need to attach the Velcro pieces on the neck, waist closure and side. This coat needs 2 x 4" pieces (or 2 x 10cm pieces) of Velcro. Some of our dog jackets have additional waterproof protection making … Neck to bottom strap: 5” For an extra shield from snow and rain, add a layer of nylon or other water-resistant material to the exterior of a coat lined with plush fleece. No of colors: 3. Buy Dog Coats Jackets Hoodies and Waterproofs for your Dogs from VioVet. To sign up for your free Sewing Course, just enter Learn more about her on our About Us page. From here you can decide the shape of the collar. All are good for skiing, snowboarding. It's water-resistant, color-block design and warm sherpa lining make this dog coat a must this winter. We want to hear! 3. You’ll need 2 of the hook side and 1 of the loop side and cut the loop side in half so you have 2 one inch strips. I used 2″ wide Velcro but you could also double up 3/4″ wide Velcro. How to make a waterproof dog coat. From bottomless powder to blustery ridge tops, and from cold, dry days to an unexpected deluge, having the right gear makes the difference. Fleece: Fleece is the coziest, softest material choice for dog winter coats. The width for the two top pieces which go around your dog's neck should be at least 2.5" (for the Velcro fasteners), but can be wider if you have a larger dog. If you included the harness opening, also hand sew the fleece to the lining around the opening. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Waterproof Rain Coats for Dogs. First, draw a square which is your WIDTH on one side, and LENGTH plus ½ NECK on the other side. With the nylon, open the seam and sew on both sides of the seam to keep it flat. Waterproof dog coats are perfect for keeping your dog warm and clean - no more chasing after a muddy dog after a long walk! They come in a range of fantastic materials - from tweed to fleece to rugged all weather nylon. Derby Originals Medium Weight Waterproof Ripstop Dog Coat. Cloud Chaser has waterproof, windproof upper fabric. Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat. Attach one side to the collar, centered and about 2 ½” to 3” in from the edge. PETCEE Waterproof Dog Coat will ensure that your dog is kept warm in any winter cold season. For the inner layer consider lambswool, synthetic lambswool, or polar fleece. Stretch lower panel sheds water, snow, and dirt. Take the neck to bottom strap measurement and mark this distance in from the bottom left corner of the rectangle. Diane Ellis is the owner of www.Sewing4Dummies.com. It’s a good idea to cut out a scrap piece of fabric first to make sure the body template works well for your dog. I’m going to round the corners a bit as I sew. 6. For dogs that are not used to getting wet, it can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. Weight: … Your little dog will be as snug as a bug in a rug in this waterproof coat. If you don’t have pattern paper, you can use craft paper, tape pieces of paper together, or even use a large scrap of fabric. First measure the LENGTH of your dog from the base of his neck (about where the collar sits) to just past his tail (we want the coat to extend a little past the tail). So for my dog above I will need 45" plus 47" plus 64", a total of 156" or 13'. Waterproof dog coats like the Hurtta Monsoon Coat are also windproof and ideally suited for dogs with thicker heavier coat that don't need extra insulation in the winter or during mild wet weather. Free standard delivery over £35 with a vast range of pet supplies. Dogs are all shapes and sizes, so we’re going to custom-make a pattern—it sounds complicated, but I promise it’s a breeze! Showing 1 - … We created a PDF that you can print out to help you keep track of your measurements and create a sketch of your template. The Mutts Hut has a dog coat to suit every dog whatever its size and shape. Now stitch the waist closure piece onto the dog coat at a point that is comfortable for your dog. Frisco Dog & Cat Parka Coat. Draw a horizontal line at the top that is the width of the collar. Now we're ready to sew. Next, measure the WIDTH by measuring from half way between your dog's knee and hip, up over the rump, to the same spot on the other side. All are good for skiing, snowboarding. ThinkPet Waterproof Dog Winter Jacket, Reflective Heat-reflecting Dog Coat Windproof for Dogs Puppies. 1. Helios Altitude-Mountaineer Wrap-Velcro Protective Waterproof Dog Coat The Helios Altitude-Mountaineer Wrap-Velcro Protective Waterproof Dog Coat is inner-lined with exclusively developed Blackshark Technology. When it comes to adventure even man’s best friend requires a little protection from the elements. Most dogs can tolerate colder temperatures than people can, but temperatures in the 40s and 50s might make them feel uncomfortable outside and could cause them to not want to go on their regular walks.